We print printed sheets on a wooden substrate. We buy porches from Lithuanian manufacturers,
who produce only certified Lithuanian wood for production.
The larger portions have reinforcement cross-sections (60x90 and 75x100 cm format), which guarantee,
so that a large-format image will not change.
40x60 cm and other larger portions have tensioning corners that guarantee that the fabric will be
properly tensioned. All the pores we use are 2 cm thick.
• The wiring harness is hidden under the fabric so that it does not scratch your walls;
• Additional clips used for tensioning the cloth;
• Attach a manual of use-guarantee which indicates that the canvas is printed on smilefoto.lt and is granted a 2-year warranty if the instructions are followed.

Canvas on the underside

Each canvas printed on the underside is stretched out by hand, thus ensuring that each corner is well tensed.

There are several variations possible on the underlayment of the canvas:

Extending a photo - If your photo has a lot of backgrounds that do not need to be displayed on the front of the canvas, this is the ideal choice that always guarantees a quality product. However, always keep in mind that if your photo is very close to the edges of the photo, there is a final person in the picture, such as the head, the end, or the group of people, it is better to choose other options on the substrate to save all the important elements of the photo.

Mirror reflection - convenient to use when there is little background in the photo and it can not be folded to maintain a complete photo composition. When using mirror reflection it is very important to assess whether the background is part of the background, whether there will be no duplication of human limbs or other highly illogical elements.

Extending the edges - when you can not use mirror reflection, as you duplicate non-logical elements, you can extend the edge of each edge of the image. In this case, a background is created that does not create any particular image, but is perfectly color-coded to the front image of the canvas.

Smooth color - this variant on the subframe is used when it is difficult to select any of the options described above due to different images of each side of the image. When choosing a solid color, it's extremely important to assess whether it really fits perfectly with the colors of the photo, and whether it matches the walls of your home.

Be sure to check the background of the photo, the important elements that must be displayed on the front of the canvas, in the room where the color of the stack of the wall is, when choosing a canvas flip on the underlayment.